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Date Posted:01/15/18
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Coping with Christmas Deployments

A Christmas Deployment Story

Somewhere at an austere outpost in Afghanistan, 1st Sgt. Adam Breeding will be reaching for Christmas cookies in a plastic bag.

The cookies will be at least two weeks old, so his wife, Heather Breeding, back home in North Carolina, hopes the slice of bread she packed with them held in the moisture. She and a few other wives, girlfriends and mothers of soldiers in the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team baked and shipped the cookies in early December so they’d arrive in Afghanistan by Christmas.

It’s not how the Breeding family hoped to spend the holiday this year. But when the Army called on the 82nd Airborne Division to deploy to Afghanistan in June, the family, like thousands of other Army families, did their best to make Christmas special.

First Sgt. Adam Breeding
Christmas Deployments

Where are deployed troops on Christmas?

Service members are deployed across 170 countries on all seven continents — including one service member in Antarctica — and on all the seas. Here’s a closer look at where some of America’s troops are this Christmas:

- 13,000 in Afghanistan
- 5,200 in Iraq
- 2,000 in Syria
- 28,000 in South Korea

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MOAA Pikes Peak Chapter
MOAA Pikes Peak Chapter

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