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Archived News includes all News Stories, listed in descending order.

Date Posted:11/16/22
Holiday Banquet! Thursday, 12/08/22

Date Posted:09/19/22
“Octoberfest” luncheon Thursday, 10/06/22

Date Posted:06/11/22
PPCMOAA Luncheon Thursday, 07/07/22

Date Posted:04/17/22
PPCMOAA Luncheon Thursday, 05/05/22

Date Posted:03/08/22
PPCMOAA Luncheon Thursday, 02/24/22

Date Posted:01/19/22
PPCMOAA JROTC Luncheon Thursday, 02/03/22

Date Posted:11/06/21
PPCMOAA Christmas Luncheon Thursday, 12/02/21

Date Posted:09/23/21
Oktoberfest luncheon Thursday, 10/07/21

Date Posted:07/26/21
Chapter Luncheon Thursday, 08/19/21

Date Posted:02/19/20
Pikes Peak chapter MOAA Luncheon Thursday, 03/05/20

Date Posted:01/22/20
Monthly Luncheon Thursday, 02/06/20

Date Posted:12/20/19
Chapter Luncheon Thursday, 01/09/20

Date Posted:11/14/19
Holiday Luncheon Thursday, 12/05/19

Date Posted:10/22/19
Members Luncheon Thursday, 11/07/19

Date Posted:09/10/19
Members Luncheon Thursday, 10/03/19

Date Posted:08/20/19
Members Luncheon Thursday, 09/05/19

Date Posted:07/16/19
Members Luncheon Thursday, 08/01/19

Date Posted:05/20/19
Members Luncheon Thursday, 06/06/19

Date Posted:04/15/19
May 2 Members Meeting

Date Posted:04/01/19
Stay Informed

Date Posted:03/20/19
April 4 Member Luncheon

Date Posted:09/01/18
PPC MOAA Membership Luncheon

Date Posted:07/09/18
PPCMOAA Membership Luncheon Thursday, July 12

Date Posted:06/05/18
PPC MOAA June 7 Membership Luncheon

Date Posted:02/16/18
Something New! PPCMOAA 4th Friday Happy Hours!

Date Posted:02/12/18
March 1 PPCMOAA Membership Luncheon

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Pikes Peak Chapter MOAA
Pikes Peak Chapter MOAA

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