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Bigger bonuses, new slogan part of Army Recruitment

The Army is on track to grow by 2,000 soldiers this year, according to senior leadership, a big drop from the 11,500-troop goal they were facing last fall. To get there, Army Recruiting Command is pulling out all the stops to shore up new accessions, and on the back end, Human Resources Command is offering hundreds of bonuses to keep soldiers on active duty.

Retention is in the historically high mid-80 percent rage for the second year in a row, Army Secretary Mark Esper told reporters in January. But the Army still needs soldiers to fill certain jobs, with a goal of retaining about 50,000 active-duty soldiers this year.

To encourage reenlistment into critical military occupation specialties, a new set of selective retention bonuses went live on March 18, about half-way through the fiscal year.

In a tough recruiting environment, the service is also leaning on enlistment bonuses to attract and keep soldiers for high-demand jobs.

“The Army continues to review the enlistment bonus program monthly and adjust when needed to enlist quality recruits for critical skill military occupational specialties,” Lt. Col. Emanuel Ortiz-Cruz, an Army spokesman, told Army Times on March 20.

Top-dollar jobs include intelligence, artillery and logistics, with $15,000 to sweeten the deal. Staying in the Army can also pay tens of thousands of dollars.

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MOAA Pikes Peak Chapter
MOAA Pikes Peak Chapter

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